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"I think of insurance as being like a car.  The big things we can figure out but if the little things slip through the cracks it no longer runs properly, causing undo expense.  This is how our health plan was until I was introduced to BIG Benefits.  Our insurance plans were in dire need of service unbeknownst to me.  We now have reduced premiums while maintaining quality benefits and have a true, honest understanding of our plans and options.  I feel I'm in the hands of someone who is actually looking out for myself and our employees."

- A Smith, Controller, Recreational Vehicle Dealership

With a breadth of unique, competitive strategies, BIG Benefits can tailor one or multiple product offerings to accommodate the goals of each client.   

Alternative Funding Methods

By managing each aspect of your benefits plan, Big Benefits is able to mitigate utilization trends, maximize the value of premium dollars and hedge against medical trend over time.  To learn more about how our strategies can benefit your organization, please contact one of our knowledgeable experts today.

Medical Gap Plans & Voluntary Benefits

By segmenting risk between multiple health carriers, your organization can enhance it's benefit offering, while reducing premium costs year over year.  To learn more about Medical Gap alternatives and how your organization could possibly be losing money or missing out on profit saving opportunities  Fill out the form on the left.

Wellness Programs

Critical to successful implementation of any wellness initiatives are coaching, tracking and accountability.  By integrating your health plan with an effective, proven wellness program, we can actively manage, predict and facilitate claims savings now and in the future.

Consumer Driven Health Plans

As much as 70% of claim utilization can be attributed to lifestyle choices.  By empowering your employees with information, opportunity, and appropriate incentives your employees can become wise consumers and make decisions that make a positive impact on their physical and financial well being.